Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i do enjoy...gossip girl

i can't wait for the new series of Gossip Girl. there are three main reasons for this:

1. because they're filming in Paris.
2. there's no jenny humphrey yayyy, taylor momsen annoys me.
3. i cannot wait to see the outfits!

like every girl, i think i would commit the seven deadly sins and more to have the Gossip Girl wardrobe, especially blair waldorf's. she is my hero <3

their outfits are so polished and groomed with the clashing colors and prints, it amazes me how well it all comes together! love love love it all!


  1. You liar! You don't enjoy Blair's outfit when her and Serena walk out of Yale! Haha! Ohhh I can't wait til the new season starts either, though I probably should go back and watch S2 properly!!

  2. SAME HERE!! I LOOVE GG!! I'm gonna buy season 3 when it gets released in the US!